Job Listing

Financial Secretary

General Description:
This individual shall be responsible for the financial records of the Church and monitoring the            overall financial status, including various committee/work area budgets. This individual shall work closely and in cooperation with the Church Treasurer and will be part of the sub-finance committee comprised one board member and the Treasurer. The work shall include, but not be limited to: computer duties regarding the posting of contributions, the financial accounting system, and the preparation of monthly reports. Other duties shall include:  weekly and daily banking activities, record keeping, coordinating payroll and payroll tax returns with payroll vendor, telephone responsibilities and office financial duties, as assigned.
Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Experience and Character:
Minimum of a high school diploma.
Accounting-related education, or prior work experience in the accounting, bookkeeping,
     and financial field.
Computer and word processing skills with accounting software, budget planning, banking procedures, payroll, and tax procedures, Excel, etc.
General secretarial skills, including: professional telephone use, typing, and filing.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Discretionary skill in the handling of confidential matters and complete confidentiality for sensitive matters.
A clean criminal background.
Responsible, dependable and accurate in work-related duties.
9.   Exhibit ethical, moral and Christian behavior and demonstrate good conduct at all times.
10. Be courteous, friendly, cooperative, respectful and cheerful to staff members and church visitors at all times.
11. Observe policies as stated in the Church Employment Guidelines.        
12. Accept constructive criticism and be open to suggestions, new ideas, practices,
       approaches and techniques.
13. The ability to work independently and function with minimal supervision.
Process accounts payable invoices for payment in a timely manner and prepare a/p checks or bill-pay documents for signature by Treasurer.
Prepare a monthly list of paid and unpaid bills for the Finance Committee & Leadership Board.
Maintain, balance and reconcile all bank checking and savings accounts to the books.
Account for and disburse all special-project money after approvals obtained.
Collect time sheets from employees paid on the hourly basis.
Track paid leave balances for employees paid on the hourly basis.
Submit hours worked and gross pay twice monthly to EOC in accordance with EOC schedule.
Download quarterly and annual payroll tax reports from payroll service on a timely basis and reconcile to payroll records to assure that timely and accurate payment of Federal, State, and City payroll taxes are made to the Internal Revenue Service, the state of Ohio, and city of Dover.
Coordinate with EOC payroll staff to assure timely submission of semi-annual report of Workers’ Compensation contributions.
Remit Forms U-3s at the BWC online account to add new pastors to coverage when hired; and Form U-117 to delete former Pastors when they leave.
Prepare monthly financial reports for the Finance Committee, Trustees, and Leadership Board.
The Financial Secretary never handles cash or checks. Cash and checks coming to the office are funneled through the Church Secretary to the count team. All other funds received are funneled from the ushers to the count team.
Coordinate with count team, which makes bank deposits, and post individual donations weekly using donation envelopes submitted by the count team as the source documents; and download Subsplash e-donation reports as they occur and post these donations; and post matching general ledger journal entries for each deposit.
Reconcile bank statement to books monthly and submit to Treasurer for review and approval.
 Coordinate with the Trustees on the investments and communicate their decisions with the Wells Fargo broker.
Download monthly Wells Fargo investment statements, store digital copies on computer, enter adjusting market value change general ledger journal entries and reconcile the statements to their general ledger balances.
 Provide all records and information requested by Audit Committee for End-of-the-Year Audit of all Church books and records.
 Prepare an Annual Report.  Submit annual financial information to the Conference via their online entry system.
 Assist with the preparation of Charge Conference Reports (usually done in Sept. or Oct.).
 Send out acknowledgments for Memorial Giving, keep a spreadsheet of them, and reconcile it to the sub-checking general ledger account.
Track all rent payments in a spreadsheet, reconcile to the rent income general ledger account, and follow up with lessees for payment as needed.
 Keep neat and logically organized paper and digital files for all accounting related purposes.
 Prepare and distribute member contribution statements on a semi-annual basis and include stuffers with them submitted by the Senior Pastor and Leadership Board.
Back up the Church Windows system at least weekly.
Perform other reasonable or properly assigned duties, as this position description
      is not intended to be all-inclusive.
This position is under the direct supervision of the Leadership Board, which delegates personnel-related operational direction to the Senior Pastor.  The Financial Secretary will work closely and in cooperation with the Church Secretary and Treasurer.  This position will be evaluated by the Leadership Board with input from the Senior Pastor.
Conditions of Employment:
This is a part-time position, typically averaging 20 hours per week.
Wages are set forth by the Leadership Board.

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